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Cartransports  Stockholm Sweden-
Expedited cartransports between Sweden and Finland


Car transport and breakdown service

​AutoAssistans ®  Stockholm offers first class cartransports and tow truck services in
Stockholm Sweden.
When it comes to freindly flexible  service and secure handling of your car contact us first!
We can also assist you with smaller repairs as wheel changes and jumpstarts.
Longway and local autotransports  / car transports to and from Stockholm Sweden.


Fastest service  on the market from Stockholm and close suburbs to Finland .

Stockholm - Turku/ Helsinki   

Daily fast transports from KVD , Auto1.com and BCA !


International towing recovery service from Sweden Stockholm

​All foreign insurancecompanies welcome - we retrieve foreign vehicles
from Sweden back to country of origin.

Daily exportservice of cars from Sweden to Finland

Cartransports between Sweden and Spain , Estocolmo and Barcelona  

Network in EU with own resources and co operative car transporters in Europe.

​We are always looking for new co operarations, please contact us for tenders in Sweden.

Facts and figures

​​-Company established in 1987

-Permission for intl commercial transports since 1996

-VAT registered

We accept Euros based on a daily exchange rate according Forex

Terms and conditions

Car transport or other services must be booked by mail or on forms on the
company's website. Any rebookings or changes must also be made in writing.
The booking is only confirmed when the customer has received a confirmation
The Swedish Åkeriförbund's liability rules apply to the following
The goods must be fully prepared for transportation and any reservation
before transport commences.
The carrier's responsibility begins when the carrier handles
goods for loading.
The carrier's liability ceases when the goods are shipped
agreed place.
If the recipient refuses to receive the car /goods,  or sign the transport
documents the buyer of the transport will be charged for any additional
costs incurred as a result of that refusal, such as waiting time, parking
or return transport.

The carrier is not liable for loss of or damage to goods for the following

Error or neglect of sender, recipient or their representative.
Of goods in their nature to be easily damaged, for example by breakage,
leaks, corrosion, sensitivity to cold and heat, absence or failure of the
No liability is considered for any deterioration or damage caused by
the transport of injured and crashed vehicles and scrap finished vehicles,
whether concerning the vehicle, the ground or objects / loading equipment
placed under the vehicle.
Conditions beyond the carrier's control and maritime transport performed
by shipping company where the shipping conditions apply.
The carrier is entitled to deny transport missions without further
explanation on suspicion of criminal intent or other irregularities in
connection with the booking. The carrier also reserves the right to deny
transport missions from customers who are threatening when booking, against
a driver or other staff, or do not accept the applicable terms of

Complaints regarding any transport damage should be made to the Transporter
immediately or no later than 24 hours or the nearest day after receipt.
Complaints must be made in writing. Pictures and explanation of possible
transport damage are sent to: ops (at) autoassistans.se
Complaints received later than 24 hours are not considered.

Transfers are insured with IF insurance